Hudson Valley Real Estate Photography by Duncan Avenue Photography Studio

Having Your Home Professionally Photographed? What to Do Before the Photographer Arrives

by Maxwell Alexander, Marketing and Creative Director, Alexander Maxwell Realty The real estate market in the Hudson Valley and around the Globe has been changing rapidly, and that has created some challenges for home sellers. It was not that long ago that searching for a home meant driving from New York City all the way to beautiful Hudson Valley neighborhoods, picking up flyers and sales packets and maybe stumbling upon an open house or two. In the 21st century, home searches are more likely to start […]

Hudson Valley Aerial Photography

Hudson Valley Aerial Photography by Duncan Avenue Photography Studio

Hudson Valley Homes and Estates really do have a lot of character, not to mention that the architecture, landscaping and nature setting is truly stunning. With the backdrop of the Hudson Valley, it is a prime location for aerial drone photography. With years of experience, it is safe to say that we work diligently to make sure that our clients get the result they want out of their aerial photography and this is especially the case if they are trying to sell or market their […]