NYS Licensed Real Estate Principal Broker

NAR Certified PSA (Pricing Strategy Advisor)

NAR Certified e-PRO (Online Marketing Specialist)

NYS Licensed Real Estate CE Instructor

Member of UCBR (Uster County Board of Realtors)

Member of HGAR MLS (Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors)

Hi, and thanks for visiting.

I wanted to take the time and share with you some things about me. Any purchase or sale of a home involves many big decisions needed to be made and the first one is selecting a trusted team to guide you through the process. And how can you trust someone without knowing anything about them? Well, I hope my little paragraph here, along with the extensive information on my website I have put together is a good start for building our trusting relationship.

Don’t be fooled by my youthful appearance ☺️ but I am already in my 30s and I have over a decade of shared sales and real estate experience to bring to the table. My secret? Moisturizer and sunscreen 🤫.

I started my career in sales and retail management but slowly I outgrew the size of the products I was selling until I found the joy of selling homes. I am a Type A personality, with mostly the positive trades of it 😁, and I often have the need for a challenge to overcome and a conundrum to solve, and believe me, a real estate transaction has no shortage of those. So, this felt like a natural fit. The enjoyment of what I do keeps me energized and at the top of my game, always👍🏼!

Now, let’s get to business. Just pick one of the many buttons around and drop me a line, or a text. I am very easy to reach 📱.

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Expert Negotiator

A Real Estate transaction can oftentimes be more complex and intricate than usual. Your Realtor should be an expert negotiator to ensure all parties come to a mutually beneficial agreement and no one feels that they are taken advantage of, or have been shortchanged. My creative background gives me an advantage when it comes to thinking outside of the box, especially when working on a challenging deal, which happens more often than one would think.

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