Jessica Hill, Realtor, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Almax Realty, Hudson Valley

Home Staging 101 with Realtor Jessica Hill

Some Hudson Valley homes sit on the market for days, some for weeks, and some for a few months or even years in a not-so-good scenario. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re hoping that you’ll land a contract quickly because holding costs, maintenance, and taxes are adding up, especially in New York state. How Home […]

Jessica Hill, Realtor, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Real Estate 101 with Jessica Hill: Understanding Escrow and Earnest Money

A real estate agent understands the importance of escrow and earnest money and can always get you up to speed with the definition of the terms. However, whether you are selling your home with an agent or on your own, you need to know what these are and how they apply to you. Earnest money […]