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Alexander Maxwell Realty means Prestige. We represent a curated list of luxury Hudson Valley Properties and provide our clients with world-class marketing services they deserve.

Balanced lifestyle, healthier environment, room and opportunities to grow... It's a competitive market too! Relocate to the beautiful Hudson Valley with Alexander Maxwell Realty!

We value Style, Design, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility and these are our guiding principles while on a mission of helping You to Upgrade Your Reality™!

Building the Future together. In Sync with Nature. Hudson Valley Style.

Hudson Valley is one of the rare places on Earth that provides an example of harmonious growth in sync with Nature. Hudson Valley Style is Modern and Rustic at the same time, it combines the historic value created in the past with the modern ideas of sustainable living of the future. When you choose Alexander Maxwell Realty you choose a company which helps to invest in your future, in style and in sync with nature, to us you are not a one-off client – we form long-standing relationships with all our valued customers.

[ Buy or Sell. Hudson Valley Style. ]

We understand that needs and real estate desires vary from individual to individual. This is the reason why we at Alexander Maxwell Realty believe in catering to every customer in a customized way. We offer you real estate solutions that give you access to an array of choices, suited to a variety of investment strategies and unique family needs in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Upgrade Your Reality™ with Almax Realty - Hudson Valley Luxury Real Estate